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Specialists in technology solutions to law enforcement, government intelligence agencies and the military.

Disklabs deliver solutions to assist organisations that are faced with increasing numbers of situations where digital evidence or electronic data plays a crucial role in their everyday operations.


Digital Forensics Consultancy

We support organisation in establishing a real life capability to meet those challenges from international terrorism and criminality.  We enable organisations to gain greater abilities in gathering digital evidence, intelligence and data that plays a significant role in achieving a more secure environment.

Disklabs have been working with clients in Africa, Asia, Middle East, Far East and Europe since 1997, helping to create a more secure environment for their citizens.

Data recovery and digital forensic laboratory solutions

Specialising in data recovery and digital forensic laboratory integration, we support the many law enforcement and government agencies that we serve by developing their workplaces so that they can evolve in line with technology.  Our focus is on understanding their challenges and deliver solutions to meet their needs in digital forensic analysis and intelligence gathering.

We design and build a fully integrated data recovery and digital forensics laboratory within your facility. The key benefits will be the centralised capability to undertake the most sophisticated data recovery, data acquisition and data analysis on all major computer and mobile phones devices. Enabling you, the client to undertake your own investigations under one roof, operating out of one centralised laboratory ensures full agency control, and the secure management of sensitive material.

Each laboratory will be tailor-made to meet your exact requirements. Disklabs will incorporate the latest and best digital technology and forensic tools available. This will future proof your facility and ensures that the laboratory will be easy to update as new developments in the industry unfold.

Turnkey Implementation

We adopt a phased approach to achieve a successful implementation. Once these phases have been completed, your team will be equipped to recover and analyse data from all major computers, CCTV units, mobile phones and digital devices by applying sophisticated industry standard techniques during on-site investigations and laboratory based analysis.

Disklabs Phased Approach:

  • Scope: Project is determined and client requirements are understood.
  • Client site is assessed for suitability.
  • Client personnel are assessed to understand individual skill sets and team attributes.
  • Proposal, Bill of Materials and contract are agreed.
  • Project management date and a timelines are created and tabled.
  • The appropriate equipment is sourced and purchased.
  • Equipment is staged, registered, install compatibility, soak test and audited.
  • Packing, Logistics and transportation of equipment to facility.
  • Equipment installation and signed off.
  • Practical hands on training: Delivered by experts in the relevant real life fields.
  • Annual review: Assess progress and identify areas for improvement.

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