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Digital Forensics and Data Recovery Training

Experts in delivering digital forensic and data recovery capability through hands-on training.

Disklabs specialise in technical training workshops using a practical “hands-on” delivery style. Our training courses are customised for the needs of your organisation and your personnel. 

Digital Forensics and Data Recovery Training

Training Workshops

We support organisations in increasing their technical abilities to gathering digital evidence using the latest data recovery and digital forensic techniques. We build our training workshops around the data recovery and digital forensics tools within your laboratory.

All our training is non-vendor specific ensuring an independent unbiased and objective multi-tool approach for maximum results.

Our training courses are customised to your organisation and include theoretical and practical sessions with live interactive use of specialist tools, integration of standard operating procedures and work flow process methodology.

At the end of our training courses, participants will have the confidence to make informed decisions on the correct technical approach in each case, choosing a suitable strategy to achieve the best possible outcome using the specialist tools available to them.

Areas of Operation

Disklabs have been working with clients in Africa, Asia, Middle East, Far East and Europe since 1997, helping to create a more secure environment for their citizens. Our training syllabuses are designed to ensure that personnel from all over the world gain the core skill sets to successfully extract and analyse data, enabling them to complete their investigations in line with recognised standards.

Data recovery and digital forensic laboratory training solutions

We look at the short, medium and long-term aspirations for your organisation. In ascertaining these elements we build a statement of works to deliver the specific training to meet your operational needs. At each stage within the training we will evaluate the candidates and report on their progress. At the end of our training workshops, we set a series of assessments to ensure they have learned the core skill required.

Understanding your needs

The whole process starts with a discovery meeting. We will deliver a presentation designed to set realistic expectations of data recovery success, digital forensic analysis and potential operational capability within your digital facilities.

Operational direction of the agency (intelligence or prosecution) is established to determine the training content.

Training can be delivered in our UK laboratories, in Europe or at your facility.  We support our training with easy to follow training manuals designed to take your team through each required step in the process ensuring full knowledge transfer of all important aspects of the training course.

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