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If you wish to find out more about our roles and careers at Disklabs, please email or call 01827 55555 and speak to Harlan Simpson for an informal and confidential chat.

Working at Disklabs

We are proud to be the UK’s longest established independent digital forensics provider celebrating our 26th year anniversary in the industry in 2023.

We have a strong global reputation for technical expertise and quality. As such we currently hold more ISO quality awards than any other Digital Forensic provider in the UK.

At Disklabs, our purpose is to assist organisations, communities, law enforcement and the criminal justice system to protect society from complex and harmful criminality.

Our staff have an immense sense of pride and purpose in their work. They always strive to do the right thing and make a real difference to the clients they work with and solutions they provide.

We have deep expertise in data and digital forensics, with an exceptional technical ability to deliver high quality solutions to our clients. Our staff work on every stage of the process. They do so collaboratively across teams and share expertise. Providing these insights to our clients, we build trust and confidence and develop the right, high quality solutions that solve their challenges.

Always evolving our offering, we remain open minded and encouraging of new ways of working, the needs of our people, our clients and our communities.

We come from different backgrounds, but our values are what we have in common and define who we are at Disklabs:

  • Honesty & Integrity
  • Open-mindedness
  • Collaboration
  • Exceptional quality
  • Care & Respect

Our people are at the heart of our business. We encourage our employees to be their absolute best and do so through leadership, growth opportunities and creating an environment that supports and recognises our staff.  We facilitate positive communication and loyalty amongst colleagues and treat our employees with trust and respect. It is this open, and friendly environment that has enabled us to retain our team.  A large majority have been with us for over 10 years, and we are proud to celebrate long service awards for those who have been with us for 20 years.

We encourage our team to work collaboratively, sharing ideas across different areas of expertise to create new solutions that matter. We strive for innovation and want our people to be a part of our journey, enabling us to continue to provide high quality services and customer support.

Our staff are highly motivated, often saying that they love their job and the work they do.  They have an incredible sense of pride to deliver outstanding services and solutions.

By joining our team, you’ll benefit from working alongside highly experienced and specialist staff who have exceptional industry-leading technical ability. 

We empower our people at all levels of our business. Our staff are autonomous and highly successful in their work as they are diligent, inquisitive and share ideas learning from each other, supporting each other, and sharing their expertise to find technical solutions quickly. 

To allow our staff do an outstanding job, we believe that they should have the right technical tools. We invest heavily into our labs and have the most up to date software and tools for each of our staff. Our work environment is open and spacious and allows our teams to work collaboratively on their technical solutions.

To succeed at Disklabs, we expect hard work with a can-do attitude and for that you will be rewarded.

At Disklabs we provide a wide range of learning opportunities and do what we can to help our people develop their skills and make the most of their careers.

We provide accredited external training courses to ensure staff have the skills, capabilities, and confidence to deliver an outstanding service.  We create a tailor-made development plan that ensures our people flourish and develop not just at the start of their career but throughout their journey at Disklabs. 

As well as formal training, our staff grow and develop as individuals. They learn from leading experts, our networks and working together as team. They accomplish projects that are both challenging and hugely rewarding, gaining insight to other assignments and other technical areas. Our people have a wide range of diverse development opportunities that would not be available to other employees in the industry, and we are proud to offer this as part of our value-added proposition.

At Disklabs, our team is both diverse and inclusive. We offer equal opportunities to all, irrespective of background, nationality, education, gender identity, ethnicity, abilities, experiences, religion or beliefs, age, sexual orientation, marriage or civil partnership status, pregnancy or maternity, race or generation. Our inclusive culture means people feel valued, included and that they belong. As such, they contribute to our collaborative, open and trusted working environment. By understanding and sharing viewpoints, we can innovate, build better relationships, and deliver the best solutions for our clients. 

If you have any queries about this, or if you wish to request reasonable adjustments at any stage of the recruitment process, please e-mail us at

Providing stability, security and supporting wellbeing of our people is fundamental to us at Disklabs. Our benefits are designed to support our staff both in the workplace and at home, through the various stages of life, their loved ones and the causes that are important to them.

Some of our benefits include:

Time & flexibility 

  • A 35.5 hour working week as standard
  • Annual leave entitlement starting at 27 days and rising to 32 days per annum
  • All Bank Holidays are additional to the above leave allowances
  • Annual wellbeing day off 
  • Flexible working patterns
  • Compressed hours
  • Finish early on Friday

Health & Wellbeing

  • Private healthcare (also available for family members)
  • Private dental care (also available for family members)
  • Gym membership
  • Free eye testing and financial support towards the cost of eyewear
  • Free flu vaccinations


  • Well paid overtime or the option to take in lieu of leave – the choice is yours
  • Matched employer pension contributions of 5%
  • Free on-site parking
  • Free company mobile phone and contract

Supporting our environment and communities 

  • Company Electric Vehicle Scheme
  • Cycle to Work Scheme

To maintain a highly productive, motivated and happy workplace, we place a real focus on a work-life balance. We encourage people to take holiday and have an early finish every Friday. Even the most committed employee needs time away from their job, time to relax, spend quality time with loved ones and time to clear themselves away from the pressures of the job. 

Flexible Working

We are proud of our flexible working options that allow staff improve their work-life balance and reduce the cost, time and impact of commuting. Staff enjoy taking advantage of our flexible working patterns and can choose to work compressed days, early/late starts or early/late ends of the day. We understand that life events don’t always go to plan, so our supportive culture means that we can work with our staff to offer the flexibility they need work through these times.

Our Stories

Read the unique journey and insights of staff working at Disklabs


I always had an interest in computers and working in public services, helping people & doing the right thing. I worked with the police for a few years and then joined Disklabs because of their reputation. Since I started, I’ve been promoted to lab manager focusing on the technical elements of our solutions. Some of my job involves working with our clients on-site and the work we do is diverse and interesting. I’m most proud of the work we did for the ICO on the Cambridge Analytica case.

Disklabs have bent over backwards to help me with my work life balance. I have the flexibility and support I need with my family as I work compressed hours and have an early finish on Tuesdays to collect my daughter from nursery.  I feel I can always ask for support if I need it and I am trusted to get the work done and manage my time. The office and team environment make it a nice place to work.


I started at Disklabs 19 years ago and since then, I have grown and developed hugely over that time. My skills and role have grown as Disklabs has evolved and I’m now the data recovery manager. I really enjoy working with other departments as my work covers so many areas of the business’s expertise. I find pride in solving problems of our clients and creating the right technical solutions for them. Working with a strong team of experts means the satisfaction of a job well done is shared between the different departments, which I like.

The shorter working week means I can start the weekend with my family early. If I have a family emergency, the company will support me with any time I need even at short notice.


I joined Disklabs back in 2005 and Disklabs seemed the right company as I wanted to pursue my career in accounting. My role now is Office Manager. It is diverse and each day is different. This makes the job very rewarding with Disklabs and being an ever-growing company, it means that my role gives insight into all aspects of the business, working across the different services.  This is one of the reasons why Disklabs is a great place to work. 

My journey at Disklabs has been full of recognition and support as different obstacles have headed my way that I have personally overcome. Both management and colleagues have always supported. The team at Disklabs are fantastic and very approachable, having such a friendly team certainly makes coming to work each day enjoyable.

Having being part of the growth and journey of Disklabs over the last 18 years has certainly enabled me to help develop different areas of the business and this is something to be proud of.

Disklabs have been supportive in making charitable contributions towards different fundraising events I have been involved with over the years and this is greatly appreciated. 


I have just celebrated my 20 years at Disklabs! My work is rewarding and the job I do is technical and challenging, though the more difficult it is, the more I enjoy it.  It’s exciting as I get the chance to work with new companies and develop new solutions all the time.  I learn from the others in the team and the projects we work on. I get the space and time to set my own work and as the management are also technically minded, they understand what is needed to get the job done. The work that I do is varied and I have travelled across the world to work on projects, and I have developed a reputation as an expert witness in the UK.

To me, Disklabs has always been secure as it always looks ahead. I enjoy the generous holiday time off and the flexibility as it suits life outside of work and my time with the family.


I graduated in 2019 and joined Disklabs as a mobile device analyst having worked in the sector for 2 years. What I liked about Disklabs was that it was a company that has been in the industry for over 20 years, and I was attracted from the first conversation we had. It’s hard work and a good laugh and there’s lots to do. The teamwork here is vital. I can share my opinions and technical skills openly and I’m valued by my team and directors.  

Since working at Disklabs, I feel like I have grown in confidence in my work and skills, which has led me to do the right things. My career has really developed whilst I have been at Disklabs as I am recognised by my manager who knows me so well. I have regular appraisals where I am praised and rewarded for my work.

I feel that I totally have the tools to do my job well as I have all my own resources. If I suggest a tool is helpful, my directors are always a willing to listen and I can quickly get what I need to do the best job I can for me and my clients.

The benefits are great. The company really support me financially, especially now, I do not worry about a mobile phone bill or cost of fuel as I am part of the electric vehicle scheme. I’m in the office all day really focussing hard so having the gym really helps my wellbeing and my health.

Dave L

I started my career as a Police Officer and my first involvement in computer forensics was in 2002. This gave me the skills and abilities to work at Disklabs following my retirement from the police. A friend referred me to Disklabs, and they sounded interesting. It was a complete change of role to the private sector and a move from my comfort zone, but I had the skills to make the move. It was a fast-paced environment with its unique challenges. I was really supported by the business and my colleagues in making the transition as there was a cultural difference moving from large organisation to a smaller company.  

I take satisfaction in my work as I get a feeling that what I do makes a difference in assisting prosecutions or in the defence of individuals.  There is a real quality assurance in the work that I do as we follow ISO procedure and I enjoy the investigations and technical aspects of the involved in my role.

The flexibility at Disklabs is extremely helpful. The 3-day weekend due to compressed hours means that I have less travel and more time with my family. I took the option of the Electric Vehicle Scheme offered because I wanted to cut travel costs and it makes me feel I am doing my bit in terms of the environment! The gym membership makes it easy to undertake exercise and keep fit, helping me stay healthy and support my mental wellbeing.