What is Cyber Forensics


Legal and civil investigations

Cyber forensics is the process of extracting, analysing and reporting on digital data obtained from a variety of electronic devices (computers, mobile phones, sat navs etc.).

The outputs from cyber forensics are legally admissible evidence in a court of law, provided its capture follows appropriate procedures.

Disklabs provides cyber forensics services in both criminal and civil cases. An increasing part of our work is in support of organisations that have been the victims of cyber crimes such as IP theft or computer fraud.

The company operates a state of the art forensic laboratory manned by a team of forensic experts. The lab works with a set of clear, standard procedures to maintain an admissible chain of evidence.

Disklabs is renowned for providing concise and understandable reports to its clients, even when the case involves complex information or a convoluted chain of events.

Cyber forensics combines physical examination, the use specialist software and person-to-person interviewing to examine electronic devices and identify improper behaviour. Retrieval of data from disc drives, memory, software logs and other records is often the starting point. This task is made more difficult because data will be lost, hidden, erased or damaged by the perpetrators of the crime.

Disklabs offers comprehensively fixed-price contracts to ensure that there are no unexpected increases in cost and to provide you with the highest standard of service possible. We follow Association of Chief Police Officers guidelines for digital evidence and we are accredited to ISO9001, ISO27001 and ISO17025 standards.

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