Disklabs shows off new Faraday Wallet


Protect your contactless cards

Disklabs, the UK based industry leaders in data recovery, digital forensics and data erasure, showed off its latest Faraday-enabled product today.

The new Faraday Wallet sits alongside a range of Faraday computer and mobile phone bags that block external static electrical fields and signals to protect against external tampering.

Disklabs’ Simon Steggles believes that the product is coming to market not a moment too soon:

“The growth in contactless credit and debit cards will encourage the fraudsters to take advantage of vulnerabilities in the way these cards work.

Our Faraday Wallet uses the same materials as our other shielding products to stop hackers accessing the radio signals emitted from the cards.”

Prototypes of the wallet are out with Disklabs’ distributor network for evaluation. The company will be reviewing their feedback prior to a full product launch.

Take a look at our full range of Faraday Bags on the website and discover all the ways that Disklabs can help you protect your data.

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