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Tracking Indecent Images


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forensic investigation for indecent imagesDisklabs was called in by a large multinational corporation who had suspicions that a senior manager was downloading indecent images. The corporations’s Human Resources department had suspended the individual while a full impartial investigation was conducted.

One of our digital forensic experts went to site to advise the both the Security and Human Resources departments how to manage the incident whilst commencing a full forensic investigation of the computer systems involved.

Detailed analysis back at Disklabs digital forensics laboratory found a clash of IP addresses on the client’s network. This pointed to another individual who was the company’s System Administrator. Subsequent findings proved that the System Administrator, to cover his tracks had altered his system’s IP address.

Disklabs’ investigation proved that the accused senior manager was innocent and happily he was subsequently allowed to return to his role.

If you believe that employees are downloading indecent images or misusing company IT systems then Disklabs can provide a discreet and effective investigation service for you.

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