Computer Forensics  Computer Forensics Services

Computer Forensics allows YOU to get the answers YOU need. This information can provide the vital evidence that could determine the guilt or innocence of a suspect. Computer Forensics experts should deal with these issues, without the use of these experts, there are likely to be irregularities which may lead the case of the person being investigated to be dropped.                                        Read more    

Data Recovery            Data Recovery Services

Your data is your businesses most important business asset. If you have suffered data loss, you need to speak to the experts immediately. Business Data Recovery experts, Disklabs Data Recovery are able to provide specialist RAID Data Recovery services and Business Data Recovery services. The experts in Business Data Recovery are available 24/7.                 Read more    

 Data Erasure       Data Destruction Services

Data Destruction is vital to fulfil your legal requirements of data protection and compliance obligations. If you have data that you need to be destroyed, it makes sense that you utilise the services of a specialist data company, a Blancco Technical Partner, one with the ability to certify and audit the destruction of the data utilising their in-house Data Recovery services.     
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 Forensic Recovery  

If a data source is not accessible it is no longer a reason to throw out your investigation. Disklabs Forensic Data Recovery is able to retrieve even the most tough to access data. Fire damage, water damage, failed hard drives, failed RAID systems are all recovered using ACPO guidelines. Utilise the experience of Disklabs Forensic Data Recovery.                                         Read more 

 RAID Data Recovery  

Your data is your organisations most important asset. You have already secured it by using a RAID system, but when it fails, who do you turn too? Specialist RAID Data Recovery experts at Disklabs RAID Data Recovery are able to use their experience in this field to recover your data in the fastest possible way. Disklabs RAID Data Recovery understand how important your data is and how urgently you need it back.   Read more 

 Mobilephone Forensics  

Mobile Phone Forensics offers you the opportunity to find out factually what data is on a mobile phone. This Mobile Phone Forensics service provides you with vital evidence which may assist you in the prosecution or the defence of your case. Cell Site Analysis is also available, offering the client the opportunity to prove the geographical location of the client at a specific time.                                  Read more