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Sat Nav Forensics

Experts in Sat Nav forensics evidential presentation for Defence Solicitors.

Our team specialise in extraction, analysis and presentation of data held on Sat Nav and GPS devices, helping to establish an accurate picture of movement times and routes travelled by a suspect. 

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Sat Nav Forensics


A satellite navigation or GPS device can provide detailed information about its location and when it was there. This information can prove to be crucial in building a picture to support or dispute evidence in a criminal case.  At Disklabs we analyse data held on Sat Nav and GPS devices and produce clear and concise reports ready for presentation in court.

Typically the data that can be obtained from Sat Nav’s and GPS’s includes:

  • Historic locations visited
  • Saved favourite locations
  • Details of journeys
  • Track logs (showing start points and destinations)
  • Deleted data
  • Bluetooth connections 
  • Mobile phone details

Other sources of GPS data relevant to a case can be held on mobile phones, running and cycling devices, IPad, tablets and cameras.

Sat Nav services

We work closely with defence team to assist them in verifying the potential movements of the defendant in relation to the scene of a crime. Our team will compile, analyse and present large volumes of data to produced clear and concise report outlining the findings. We visually display the activities and movements of a device over an extended period of time.  

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