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Mobile Phone Forensics

Experts in the extraction and analysis of mobile phone data from all handsets.

Our team specialise in the analysis of data held on mobile phones and associated devices in criminal and civil cases. We are known for our accuracy, speed and production of easily followed reports.

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Mobile Phone Forensics


Our experts are able to forensically acquire evidential material from basic handsets to the latest smartphones, from all mobile and cell phone manufacturers using a range of advance techniques. Evidential material includes:

  • Text Messages (Inc. deleted)
  • Social Media files & History
  • Call Logs & analysis
  • Contacts & phonebook.
  • Images including deleted
  • Emails including deleted
  • Internet Browsing
  • Documents
  • Maps & GPS location

Disklabs work closely with defence solicitors, law enforcement and the public and private sectors, presenting our findings in a clear and concise report which is ready for presentation in court or a tribunal.

Our services:

Criminal Defence Solicitors

When working with defence solicitors whose clients are facing investigation or prosecution for a criminal offence, Disklabs experts will independently re-examine the defendants mobile device, review the prosecution evidence, challenging any points in question and produce our own independent court ready report, answering any specific questions raised by defence counsel.

We welcome Legal Aid Agency funded cases and are experienced in working within legal aid cost guidelines.

Business Sector

Disklabs deliver investigative services, along with advice and guidance to both Large and small businesses that need to conduct internal investigations into misuse of company data or computers, IP theft and HR issues.

Disklabs are happy to support businesses to ensure that the correct procedures are followed to ensure that any findings can be used in court or a tribunal.

Law Enforcement

Disklabs undertake a significant number of specialised cases for Government Agencies and Police forces; currently holding a number of framework agreements with these organisations.  We are known for fast turnaround times and the quality of our work. Disklabs can undertake all volumes of work, from single exhibits to large batches.

Disklabs are experienced in assisting Hi Tech Crime Units manage fluctuations in current workloads and historic backlogs.

Reasons for choosing Disklabs:

  • Fixed Prices: Guaranteeing no increased or additional costs, and that you get value for money.
  • Fast turnaround times for a single exhibits or batches of cases.
  • The ability to prioritise work at no extra cost.
  • Customised reports and statements to meet your requirements, including SFR’s (MG22 A,B & C.)
  • In-house forensic data recovery specialists, we are the only UK forensic supplier to have a dedicated data recovery laboratory.
  • Experience of working on individual exhibits or large numbers under framework agreements.
  • Committed to providing a quality service incorporating ISO9001 and ISO27001 processes and procedures.

Need our services?

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