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Cell Site/ Data Analysis

Experts in Cell Site Analysis, assisting Criminal Defence Councils wishing to verify the accuracy of the prosecution’s findings.

Our experts have over 40 years of combined experience in producing and presenting cell site evidence in a broad range of criminal cases.We are known for delivering comprehensive reports, within tight time frames.  Our experts produce clear and concise reports including opinion, as to the movements of a suspect, which are easily understood by the reader.

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Cell Site/ Data Analysis


Cell Site Analysis involves cross reference of historic call records with readings from cell site masts to understand the location, movement and use of a mobile phone. Depending on the situation, our survey team can undertake on-site network readings in any of the following ways:

  • Spot readings at locations of interest,
  • Route profiles to determine cellular coverage along routes travelled by suspects,
  • Extent of coverage profile to determine the area covered by individual cell masts,

This information can then be used to determine the movements of a suspect in relation to an alleged crime.

Cell Site Analysis Services

Disklabs experts undertake Cell Site Analysis to assist the criminal defence solicitors in verifying the accuracy of the prosecution Cell Site findings and report. We test the evidence in one of two ways.

1. Technical analysis where our experts will:

  • Review the prosecution’s report, call tables and maps 
  • Undertake our own surveys at locations of interest. 
  • Complete network profiling to show specific cellular network coverage at a given location.
  • Analyse and interpret all case material, 
  • Produce geographic mapping.
  • Produce call data tables presenting usage over a period of interest.
  • Produce their findings in report format. 

2. Desk top study where our experts will:

  • Review the prosecutions material to include report, call tables and maps and compile their own conclusions in a court ready report. 

We are regularly asked to support the defence council though case conferences and by giving evidence at court, as expert witnesses.

What is Cell Site Analysis 

Cell Site analysis is a legally accepted method of determining the location or movement of a mobile phone by analysing historic call data in conjunction with cell site mast readings.  

Call Data Analysis services

Our team will compile, analyse and present large volumes of telephone billing data (historic call data) to produced simple and easy to follow reports outlining the findings.  We identify:

  • Repeat patterns in phone records.
  • Associations between attributed mobile phones.
  • Communication chains between attributed mobile phones.

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