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CCTV Forensics

Experts in data extraction, review and presentation of CCTV and Video evidence.

Disklabs work for both prosecution and defence that require the extraction, review and presentation of CCTV and Video evidence in criminal cases.

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CCTV Forensics


The Forensic Analysis of CCTV footage can assist in the identification of individuals, vehicles, time of day or determine the timeline for a sequence of events. Our experts will rebuild the video footage ensuring it remains true to the original content using specialist software, equipment and recovery techniques.  This ensures that video and CCTV evidence is extracted, reviewed and presented following ISO9001 procedures and in accordance with UK ACPO best practice guidelines.

Our experts are regularly called to court as expert witnesses and are experienced in giving evidence in court.

CCTV Forensic services

We provide you with a set of video files on DVD to allow viewing of the CCTV footage, along with a court ready report and witness statement.  When we are given access to the CCTV unit we are often able to forensically restore the CCTV system enabling the footage to be viewed directly on the original unit.

What is CCTV forensics

CCTV forensic refers to the use of still and moving images from a CCTV system that has single or multiple cameras attached to it. The expert will capture all footage within the period of interest from as many CCTV systems or cameras as possible.  Once all available footage has been reviewed, the expert will put together the relevant footage for presentation along with a report and statement. They will identify specific information relating to the investigation, along with times and dates from one or more CCTV systems.  This evidence can help both prosecution and defence in establishing the true course of events in a case.

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