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Enterprise Storage Remarketing

We obtain optimum revenue, with minimal environmental impact.

Disklabs provide an Asset Management and Remarketing solution to organisations faced with the problem of what to do with redundant Enterprise Storage Equipment. We offer an End to End service that includes the re-sale of legacy equipment.

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Enterprise Storage Remarketing

Equipment Remarketing

We work with all organisations interested in generating revenue from legacy IT equipment extracted from server rooms and data centres. Our solution includes the management of issues such as data erasure, decommissioning, transportation, secure storage, auditing, product testing, resale, warranty and market discretion. We are able to turn redundant equipment issues into genuine revenue. This enables your team to focus on the future IT needs of the business, while removing the financial impact of how and where to dispose of redundant enterprise storage and servers.

Disklabs have years of experience and extensive market knowledge in the asset management of enterprise storage equipment.

We work very closely with manufacturers such as IBM, EMC, Hitachi Data Systems, HP, and Fujitsu gaining an intrinsic knowledge of their individual architectures. This allows our engineers to test, refurbish and repair legacy IT equipment ready for resale at top market price.

Return on investment

Disklabs have remarketing specialists who have established routes to market for enterprise storage from data centres. Timescales for remarketing depend on the client but we will support and advise on the best times to get the maximum return on your investment.

  • Generate revenue and reducing costs associated with redundant equipment.
  • Environmentally responsible and compliant with all EU legislation.
  • Full Audit of all Equipment to WEEE standards.
  • Secure Facility, (Government Approved)
  • Single Point of Contact
  • Disklabs specialise in data centre storage technology and have established routes to market for legacy equipment with options of Remarketing Timescale, (30, 60, 90 or 120 days)
  • Complete compliance with 100 % Secure Data Destruction, (Certified and Audited)

Service Features

  • Disklabs are able to support their clients by providing an End to End service. This includes pre project management, equipment evaluation, data migration, data erasure, decommissioning and asset resale.
  • Disklabs specialise in data centre storage technology and have multi-platform knowledge enabling us to test equipment to maximise resale revenues.
  • Disklabs have remarketing specialists who are experienced at selling clients’ IT equipment through established channels such as maintenance resellers, brokers, and overseas resellers & dealers.
  • Any equipment which has no resale value will be disposed of in an environmentally sound manner following the WEEE directive and is fully auditable.


Disklabs On-site Data Erasure Services meets the latest legislation and is fully compliant with the UK’s Communications Electronics Security Group (CESG) HMG Infosec Standard No. 5 and Department of Defence 5220.22M.


Disklabs methods are totally secure, fully auditable and designed to adhere to guidelines of compliance and data management.  Giving total peace of mind that organisations are meeting their security requirements while protecting their data, their customers and their brand.

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