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On Site Certified Data Erasure

Specialists in certifiably erasing sensitive data.

Disklabs work for corporates and government agencies that have a requirement to permanently erase sensitive data from all storage platforms within data centres, military sites and server rooms.

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On Site Certified Data Erasure

Data Erasure

Disklabs use certified software to irreversibly erase data from Mass Storage Systems, (Enterprise), Servers, Hard disk drives and Tape storage across all manufactures.

When End of Life storage systems containing the sensitive data need to be replaced with newer technology, a Disklabs team will undertake On Site Certified Data Erasure. This securely erase the data and provide organisations with a certificate of completion that meets the latest legislation and corporate guidelines. This removes the risk of data being exposed in the public domain.

Flexible service – Disklabs tailor a data erasure solution to meet your needs. Affordable- For those companies with aging equipment, this solution provides peace of mind at a price that is not detrimental to the bottom line. Sensitive data erased completely  this process adheres to UK’s Communications Electronics Security Group’s (CESG’s) HMG Infosec Standard No. 5 standards. Complete audit trail full end-to-end service is provided, from logging and confirming all media containing data to be erased, right through to issuing end certification.

Data Erasure Service Features

  • Disklabs are able to deliver the service anywhere in the United Kingdom and EMEA.
  • Disklabs specialise in Fibre Channel, SAS, SATA and SCSI hard drive technology and erase data from all manufactures of storage platforms.
  • Disklabs are able to offer the whole solution for End of Line equipment, including decommissioning and site extraction.
  • Complete compliance through established standards or data management.
  • All staff have been security vetted through the UK National Vetting Scheme to SC or higher.


Disklabs – On-site Data Erasure Services meets the latest legislation and is fully compliant with the UK’s Communications Electronics Security Groups (CESG’s) HMG Infosec Standard No. 5 and Department of Defence 5220.22M


Disklabs methods are totally secure, fully auditable and designed to adhere to guidelines of compliance and data management.   Giving total peace of mind that organisations are meeting their security requirements while protecting their data, their customers and their brand.

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