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Raid Recovery

Many IT departments are under the false assumption that RAID enabled server architecture is robust and bullet proof. Unfortunately, even the most well specified RAID array is still prone to critical failure in extreme cases. In the event of a RAID failing, it is highly likely that the RAID array can be rebuilt and100% of the lost data recovered. Many companies rely upon their RAID hardware to cover them in a disaster situation, this leads to badly designed backup systems and possible data loss. When a RAID array fails it is important that help is sought immediately, by employing the services of a RAID data recovery firm promptly the probability of 100% data recovery being possible is vastly increased.

Whatever type of server is suffering from data loss, including email servers such as Microsoft Exchange, web servers and database server, it is highly probable that the failed RAID array can be repaired and data integrity restored. RAID data recovery is relatively inexpensive when compared to the costs involved in recreating lost or damaged data.

Data recovery technicians have proven that by using state of the art tools it is possible to recover all lost data on a failed RAID array in almost every case. This advanced form of data recovery is a refined process which has been developed to facilitate the recovery of critical data in the worst case situations.