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Computer Forensics

Experts in the extraction, analysis and presenting of data on all computers and networks.

Disklabs work closely with defence solicitors, law enforcement and the business sector, producing the result of our findings, interpretation and evidence in reports that are clear, concise and easy to follow.

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Computer Forensics


Our experts specialise in the forensic extraction, analysis and presentation of data held on computers, servers, networks and digital storage devices, we have extensive experience across a broad range of criminal cases and civil dispute.  These include:

  • Murder / homicide and manslaughter
  • fraud and forgeries
  • indecent images
  • drugs
  • arson, terrorism
  • burglary
  • robbery
  • armed robbery  and theft
  • rape and other sexual assaults

Computer Forensics

Disklabs use legally tested and approved methods to collect, preserve, investigate, analysis and present information  found on all of the following digital devices:

  • Company Servers and email systems.
  • Computer workstations and PC’s (Windows, Mac, UNIX, LINUX)
  • Laptops, Tablets and PDA (Windows, Mac, UNIX, LINUX)
  • External hard drives & Back up devices.
  • CD/DVDs/Floppy disks
  • Memory sticks & Cards
  • Social media and web based email systems
  • MP3 players
  • Games consoles

Our Services

Criminal Defence Solicitors 

Disklabs offer a full range of services to the criminal defence solicitors, working as experts on a number complex cases and VHCCs covering a broad range of criminal offenses. All of our reports are clear and concise with executive summaries focusing on the defence solicitor’s instructions, written in a way that helps guide the defence team through the evidence.  We are happy to deliver our findings within very tight deadlines and where required, attend court as expert witness. 

We welcome Legal Aid Agency funded cases and are used to working within legal aid pricing guidelines.

Business Sector 

Disklabs forensic team provide investigation services to the business sector, giving advice and guidance to both corporate and small businesses that need to conduct internal investigations into misuse of company data, IP theft or human resource matters.

In all cases Disklabs are happy to support you throughout the investigation while producing a clear and concise report presenting the facts which can be used in courts and tribunals.

Law Enforcement 

Disklabs work for a significant number of the UK’s law enforcement agencies and understand the importance of building a successful prosecution case through comprehensive analyst of digital evidence by a flexible partner.  Disklabs work closely with police forces to provide a cost-effective solution by offering value for money pricing when delivering the highest quality of work in line with Association of Chief Police Officers Guidelines for Digital Evidence.

Reasons for choosing Disklabs:

  • Fixed pricing guaranteeing costs do not increase unexpectedly and you get Value for Money.
  • The ability to prioritise exhibits at no extra cost.
  • Very fast turnaround times on single exhibits (1 day or while you wait) or batch consignments (1 week) 
  • Flexible and comprehensive approach to reporting
  • In House forensic data recovery specialists – the only UK contractor to have dedicated data recovery laboratories.
  • The ability to work on an ad-hoc basis or under formal contract whatever suits the HTCU.
  • Committed to providing a quality service incorporating ISO9001, ISO27001 and ISO17025 processes and procedures.

Need our services?

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Why Use Disklabs?

Disklabs: Delivering innovative digital technology solutions since 1997.

Disklabs specialise in recovering, analysing and erasing data, but pride ourselves on providing more than just results, we bring effective solutions, products and service that are valuable, to our customers.

We do this by being an innovative and forward thinking company that believes in delivering what it says it can do.  

We are committed to developing our people who then use their specialist skills and knowledge to help solve complex issues and provide continuous improvements to our services in the fields of data recovery, digital forensics and certified data erasure.

Data handling is at the heart of our business and we ensure that our services, products and solutions are fit for purpose while ensuring our clients' data is secure.  

We work to ISO9001-2008, ISO27001-2005 and ISO17025-2005 standards, setting our team’s objectives to ensure an ongoing commitment to continuous improvement in why, how and what we deliver.  

Why Use Disklabs?