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Data Recovery

When recovering data from an IDE, SATA or SCSI hard disk drive the following procedure is used.

• A full image of the faulty drive is created and stored on the Disklabs servers. This ensures that should we damage any data during the restore we can step back in time and start the process again from the beginning.

• A copy of the drive image is loaded onto a workstation and the date is interrogated using specialised software tools. Corrupt data can be restored or rebuilt. The Disklabs data recovery technicians are skilled in restoring corrupt data and rebuilding system areas of the hard drive.

• If restoration fails at this point, we will attempt to reconstruct the data on the drive using deep recovery techniques, rebuilding the data bit by bit. Unless the actual magnetic media within the hard drive is damaged this proves has a very high success rate.

• If the IDE, SCSI or SATA hard drive is physically damaged the drive will be striped to its bare bones in our dust free clean room. We will rebuild the driving using new parts, of which we keep over 20,000 on our shelves. Almost 2/3rd of all data recovery cases Disklabs undertake are caused by some form of hardware failure.
• Once we have repaired and recovered the data we will copy the repaired drive image to a hard drive of the customers choosing. Disklabs will keep the disk image created in step 1 for a period of 14 in case of any short term problems. After 14 days the image will be completely erased.

By following this process of data recovery we are able to restore data in 99% of all data loss cases. Disklabs has a history of completing problematic and challenging date recovery tasks for a wide range of private and corporate clients across a wealth of hardware platforms.