Top Ten Unusual Requests for Data Recovery – No.2


Data Recovery Hit Parade

disk drive damaged in microwaveNumber 2 in Disklabs countdown of odd requests for data recovery from laptop computers and electronic devices.

“It was an experiment that went wrong”

A student called us asking if we could help recover data from a laptop that he had microwaved. Apparently he decided to do this because like Sir Edmund Hillary and Everest “it was there”. The resulting fire damaged the laptop beyond repair and ensured that the microwave subsequently gave anything cooked in it an unpleasant plasticky tang for ever after.

Although the controller chips and wiring for the hard drive were damaged the platters themselves were readable so we did get the student out of a hole on this occasion.

You make think the student was an idiot but do a search for “microwaving a laptop” and you will see plenty of other people who were willing to try the same thing.

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