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Computer Forensics

'No matter what the computer crime, there will always be incriminating evidence. Computer Forensics will find it.'

Calling us after your technical support team have looked at the computer may be too late. Call our Computer Forensics team first for free, confidential and impartial advice on how to effectively manage the forensics situation. Disklabs Computer Forensics is the only sure way of ensuring that your data is investigated professionally and to the exacting standards of ACPO.

Below is a list of  just some of the reasons for using the services of Disklabs Computer Forensics and Mobile Phone Forensic Services. Disklabs Data Recovery and Disklabs Computer Forensics and Mobile Phone Forensic Services have many years of experience in the field of storage, recovering data, repairing hard disk drives and examining storage media and hardware. Disklabs Data Recoveryand Disklabs Computer Forensics and Mobile Phone Forensic Services deal with clients with investigative requirements in all of the following hardware areas:  

Common Forensics Investigations

Digital Fraud
Inappropriate Data Duplication
Unauthorised Data Duplication
Bankruptcy Data Investigation
Private Investigation of Personal Computer
Private Investigation of Cellphone/Mobile Phone
Private Investigation of PDA
Blackberry Forensic Examination
Disloyal Employees
Industrial Espionage
IP Theft
Breach of Contract
Computer Break-ins
Phone ‘Phreaking'
Digital Pornography
Inappropriate Internet Usage
Internet Abuse
Inappropriate Email Usage
Email Abuse









Digital or Computer Forensics

"In the workplace, incidents have always happened, but now the evidence can be captured and examined on the computer."

The 4 Most Important Steps of Computer Forensics Investigation:
Whatever the case and wherever the problem, the same basic rules of computer forensic investigation must be followed:

1. Adhere to ACPO, (Association of Chief Police Officers), guidelines for digital evidence recovery, with a comprehensive auditable process

2.Preserve the evidence.
Data stored on a computer can be destroyed or made inadmissible as evidence very easily. The single most important task is using the correct procedures to get at the data. Vital evidence may lie in deleted files or fragments of past files and, even turning the computer on can result in their permanent loss.

3. Never work on the original media.
Once the computer or device has been identified as containing potential evidence, it must be forensically imaged in order to be examined. Specialist tools and software are used to create legally recognised exact copies of the media for analysis purposes. These copies are not the same as a normal backup. They contain an exact, forensically sound copy of every BIT on the disk or device.

4. Examinations must be repeatable.
Computer Forensics analysis is an exact science. We deal in proof, not speculation.

Human Rights, international law, and protocols from the ACPO, NHTCU, ensure that our evidence gathering is of internationally approved methodologies, and presented in a ‘court ready' statement or alternatively, our “Expert Witness” services may be used.

Whether disciplining staff for misconduct or responding to a threat from outside, your organisation increasingly has to handle issues that involve evidence from computers, mobile phones, networks, and other electronic devices. Your existing policies and procedures may be sufficient to deal with the more traditional issues of gross misconduct but do they adequately cover the new risks and opportunities presented by the ever-changing face of technology? The incident response procedures you have in place to handle threats to Information Systems may be adequate but are they forensically sound? Can they secure the evidence you'll need quickly and without introducing risk? Are they fully in line with appropriate computer forensics procedures?

Computer Forensics - What We Do

Investigation Report
When the objectives of the investigation have been achieved, Disklabs Forensic Services will prepare a full Investigation Report.

Covert/On-Site Evidence Gathering
Should a covert service be required, one of our technical managers will arrive On-Site and image the hard disk drive, Server, or other storage device, (out of hours – if required).

Expert Witness
For both prosecution and defence, our expert witness service will give you a wealth of experience in interpreting evidence for the prosecution, defence, jury and judge.

Password Cracking
Disklabs Data Recovery and Forensic services offer a password cracking service, for police forces, military organisations, corporates and private individuals.

Training Seminars
Learn how and what to do with your personnel in matters that could end up being resolved in court. Understand the full implications of incorrect policy and procedures in evidence gathering.

Disklabs Computer Forensics and Mobile Phone Forensic Services

You may simply think of computer crimes as someone trying to "hack" into a computer system or as crimes committed on the internet. However, once it is realized that computer storage media are really large filing cabinets with detailed, retrievable records of the activities of the user, it can be seen that computer evidence can be very important in any type investigation or inquiry.

Supported Hardware Areas of Expertise

Computer Hard Disk Drives - Computer Forensics
Laptop Hard Disk Drives - Laptop Forensics
Server Hard Disk Drives - Server Forensics
External Hard Disk Drives - External Disk Forensics
Mobile Phone SIM Cards - Mobile Phone Forensics
Mobile Phones - Mobile Phone Forensics
RAID 0 ArraysStriped disk array without fault tolerance - Raid Forensics
RAID 1 ArraysMirroring and duplexing - Raid Forensics
RAID 2 ArraysHamming code ECC - Raid Forensics
RAID 3 ArraysParallel transfer with parity - Raid Forensics
RAID 4 ArraysIndependent data disks with shared parity - Raid Forensics
RAID 5 ArraysIndependent data disks with distributed parity blocks - Raid Forensics
RAID 6 ArraysIndependent data disks with two independent distributed parity schemes - Raid Forensics
RAID 10 ArraysVery high reliability combined with high performance - Raid Forensics
RAID 50 Arrays - High I/O rates and data transfer performance - Raid Forensics
RAID 0+1 Arrays High data transfer performance - Raid Forensics
Tape Backups - Tape Forensics
PCMCIA Hard Disk Drives - PCMCIA Forensics
Solid State Storage - Memory Card Forensics
USB Memory Sticks - Memory Card Forensics
Camera Memory Cards - Memory Card Forensics
Personal Digital Assistants, (PDA's) - PDA Forensics
Storage Farms - NAS Computer Forensics
Floppy Disk - Floppy Disk Forensics
CD, (CDR, CDRW) - CD Forensics
DVD, (DVD-+R, DVD-+RW, DVD-RAM) - DVD Forensics
Fax Machines
LaCie Hard Disk Drives - LaCie Forensics
LaCie External Enclosures - LaCie External Forensics
Any other digitally stored data device is achievable