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Top Ten Unusual Requests for Data Recovery – No. 8


Data Recovery Hit Parade

server raid array damgedNumber 8 in Disklabs countdown of odd requests for data recovery from computer disks.

“Sacked staff stuffed server”

After having his employment terminated a disgruntled member of a client’s IT department decided to reformat the email server…with a size 9 boot.  A prolonged bout of this treatment brought the life of the server to a premature end, damaged the hard drives and corrupted much of the data.

Staff-related malicious data damage and removal is, sadly, a big part of our work.  Fortunately in the majority of cases we can recover confidential email and system data for you.

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What is digital forensics?


Extraction, validation and analysis of digital data

Digital forensics is the extraction, validation and analysis of digital data from electronic devices.
Digital forensics data recovery and analysis servicesOriginally digital forensics referred solely to computer-based activity but it now covers a wide range of electronic equipment including;

• Mobile phones (cell phones).

• Portable devices (e.g. tablets and Sat Nav).

• Telecommunications network infrastructure (e.g. cell site masts).

• Surveillance equipment (e.g. video and CCTV).

Digital forensics is used to provide legally admissible evidence in courts of law for both criminal and civil cases.  The evidence may relate to the content of the data in terms of text or images, or its ‘metadata’, which refers to how and when it was created and used.

This means that digital forensics can be used to determine the nature of a crime, provide attribution to a particular suspect and provide a time and location-based ‘audit trail’ of activity.

In a legal context the digital forensics process must follow rigorous guidelines (in the UK the “ACPO Good Practice Guide for Digital Evidence” provides a template) to maintain the chain of custody and provide admissible evidence.

Digital forensics is also deployed in the corporate world for a variety of internal and external investigations related to, for instance, HR issues, employee fraud, regulatory compliance or hacking.  Although the same level of rigour is not required the actual digital forensics process is broadly the same as in the legal field.

Disklabs has been providing digital forensics services to criminal defence solicitors, law enforcement agencies and corporations for many years.  We have a strong track record in providing effective extraction, validation and analysis of digital data. What our clients’ particularly value are the clear, concise and easy to follow reports that we produce.  The ability to communicate potentially complex material to non-technical audiences is often the difference between success and failure.

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