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Top Ten Unusual Requests for Data Recovery – No. 10


Data Recovery Hit Parade

recover information from damaged disk drivesNumber 10 in Disklabs countdown of odd requests for data recovery from computer disks.

‘My wife threw my laptop down a well’

As you can imagine this was not an accidental computer disposal.

A married couple had something of a marital dispute, which involved allegations that the husband was “playing away from home”, so to speak.

His excuses and explanations were not deemed sufficiently plausible by the man’s wife and revenge was wreaked by the flinging of his laptop into a 60 foot well.

Despite the drop and the dunking our data recovery team were able to rescue the hard disk drive and return whatever gems of content it contained to the owner.

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What is Mobile Phone Forensics?


Forensics for mobile phones, smartphones, cell phones and tablets

What is mobile phone forensicsAs with computer forensics, mobile phone forensics refers to the process of extracting, analysis and reporting on evidential data contained on a variety of mobile electronic devices.

While such devices contain similar digital content to computers there are some additional investigatory dimensions related to the existence of communications related content (voice recording and text messaging) and logging of both activity and location.

The proliferation of mobile phones (93% of UK adults own one) and devices has been accompanied by a massive increase in people using them to conduct a variety of electronic transactions.

Mobile phones and devices store a great deal of valuable personal and commercial information.  This means that forensic analysis of them is now frequently required to understand their use as criminal tools (e.g. in fraud cases) or as digital media containing data that can be used as evidence.

Disklabs provides mobile phone forensics services for a variety of clients;  defence solicitors, law enforcement agencies and the business sector. We have a team of experts working in a state of the art forensic laboratory operating to ACPO guidelines to create a rigorous chain of evidence.

One of the key challenges for any mobile phone forensics supplier is that there are greater number of variances in the way mobile phones operate than with computers.  This means that multiple tools and techniques are required to extract data from all devices. Disklabs has risen to that challenge and we utilise the latest technology to stay ahead of the game.

The Disklabs forensics team has the capability to extract data that has been lost, damaged, deleted or encrypted including;

• SMS text messages
• Emails
• Call logs
• Contacts
• Documents, images and video
• Browsing history
• GPS location

Separately Disklabs also provides a Cell Site Analysis service that cross references call logs with readings from cell site masts to understand the location, movement and use of a mobile device.

Our mobile phone forensics services are used by a variety of clients.

Criminal Defence
We frequently support criminal defence solicitors in investigations and prosecutions.  Disklabs staff are often deployed to review and question evidence and act as expert witnesses.

Law Enforcement
Law enforcement agencies, such as Hi Tech Crime Units, use Disklabs’ capability to manage fluctuations in investigatory workloads.

Corporate Investigation
Disklabs conducts investigations into issues such as misuse of data and IP theft as well as providing precautionary advice and guidance to a variety of UK and multinational corporations.

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What is Computer Forensics?


Extraction, analysis and reporting

Digital forensics  data recovery and analysis servicesComputer forensics is the process of extracting, analysing and reporting on evidential data contained on a variety of computer and electronic devices.  Data may be used in investigations (both legal and civil) and presented as evidence in a court of law.

Disklabs provides computer forensics services for a variety of clients;  defence solicitors, law enforcement agencies and the business sector.

Our expert team work in state of the art forensic laboratory facilities using clear, standard procedures to unsure that a valid and correctly documented chain of evidence is maintained.

We have a reputation for providing findings, data interpretation and evidence in concise and easy to understand reports.  This is essential when presenting potentially complex technical details to the non-technical, whether they are jurors, law enforcement officers or business clients.

Our computer forensic team utilises a combination of physical investigations and specialist forensic software to examine digital artefacts.  The initial goal is often to retrieve data that has been lost, damaged or deliberately hidden.  This is followed by the documentation and interpretation of data to understand both its relevance as content (e.g. what data was contained in an email) and its context in the chain of evidence (e.g. when an email was sent and who it was sent to).

As a leading UK provider of computer forensics services Disklabs follows Association of Chief Police Officers guidelines for digital evidence and we are  accredited to ISO9001, ISO27001 and ISO17025 standards.

Disklabs offers comprehensive fixed price contracts to ensure that there are no unexpected increases in cost and to provide you with the highest standard of service possible.

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