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XRY Mobile Forensics


XRY is one of the leading mobile forensics systems available.

Disklabs deploys XRY in our digital forensics laboratory as a key tool in the extraction and analysis of data from mobile phone, smart phones and other mobile-enabled devices.

Disklabs deploys XRY mobile forensics software in its digital forensics lab
The Disklabs mobile forensics team uses XRY to acquire evidential material such as;

• Call logs and browsing history

• Text messages and emails

• Contact lists

• GPS location

The tool is powerful enough for us to access deleted and password protected information too.

Disklabs uses XRY in a wide range of investigatory applications in both civil and criminal cases.  We are frequently involved in supporting defence solicitors in challenges of “points in question”, as well helping a variety of organisations in investigations that involve misuse of data or IP (intellectual property) theft.

We have a reputation for providing reports in an easy to use format which can be presented directly into court or a tribunal proceedings.  XRY supports that reputation by giving us a diverse range of data presented in logical formats that can be quickly and accurately analysed by the team.

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